Just Married! Online

Just Married! Online


Nov 02 2020 - Nov 01 2025
, 8AM- 6PM

So there’s going to be a wedding – mazel tov!  It turns out that getting engaged is the easy part; now there’s actually a wedding to plan.

More often than not, weddings involve more people than just the happy couple. Those planning a wedding have to make a variety of decisions about the ceremony, from the major to the minor, and take into account the needs and expectations of their family and community.

Explore how Jewish Marylanders have navigated the multitude of options to create a meaningful ceremony, from what they wear to who officiates to whether and what they use for a chuppah. Even if they choose to keep it simple, or to simply elope, that itself makes a statement.

From the demands of family, heritage and culture to the businesses that rely on weddings to the family mementos they create, Just Married shows how Maryland Jews have negotiated the distinct demands of their particular religious and secular identities when planning and enjoying the wedding day.

Regardless of their choices, a couple’s decisions and actions will be parsed and discussed by their family and peers, now and for years to come.  After all, it seems, no one is ever Just Married!

Enter the online exhibit for Just Married! Wedding Stories from Jewish Maryland.

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