The Search for Social Justice

Generations 2009-2010: 50th Anniversary Double Issue

Generations 2009-2010: 50th Anniversary Double Issue: The Search for Social Justice

Table of Contents:

Introduction by Avi Y. Decter and Deborah R. Weiner

“Remember that You Were a Slave”: Rabbis and Slavery on the Eve of the Civil War by Avi Y. Decter

“Poor Man’s Boarding School”: The Hebrew Orphan Asylum under Rabbi Samuel Freudenthal, 1886-1910 by Anita Kassof

“The Great Influence of the Mothers in Israel”: Baltimore’s Jewish Community Confronts the Woman Question by Caroline Young Friedman

A “Children’s Playground” and “Centre for Adults”: The Story of the Jewish Educational Alliance, 1909-1952 by Jennifer Vess

Two Lives in Labor: Jacob Edelman and Sarah Barron edited by Avi Y. Decter

Enduring Idealism: Baltimore Jews in the Communist Party by Leonard M. Helfgott

Social Justice through Medical Ethics: Dr. Jacob Morgenstern’s Legacy at Crownsville State Hospital by Suzanne Richmond

My Father’s Crownsville by Doris Morgenstern Wachsler

Demonstrators: Reform Rabbis Confront Segregation by Gilbert Sandler

Everyday Heroes:  A Baltimore Couple Recalls the Civil Rights Movement by Deborah Rudacille

CHAI: Making a Stand in Upper Park Heights by Simone Ellin

Keepers of the Earth: The Jewish Environmental Movement Comes of Age by Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin

Book Review: Not in My Neighborhood: How Bigotry Shaped a Great American City reviewed by W. Edward Orser

Field Notes: National Museum of American Jewish History: Core Exhibit by Josh Perelman and Ivy Weingram

Chronology: Ten in the Twentieth: Baltimore Jews and Social Justice by Deborah R. Weiner

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