Guest Post: White Gloves Gang at Sports Legends!

A blog post by Jennifer Skiba.

At the Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards, our White Glove “Posse” focused on rehousing and entering object information into PastPerfect on a collection of photographic negatives donated by the family of Leroy Merriken, a former photographer of the Baltimore Orioles.  Rosie assigned accession numbers to the two boxes of negatives and created a worksheet for easy input into PastPerfect;  Ellie and Allison cleaned, rehoused, and described the negatives; and I created object records in PastPerfect based on Ellie and Allison’s worksheet descriptions.  – Jennifer Skiba

Greg Schwalenberg shows the White Glove Gang some objects from the collection. In photo: Rosie Cook, Allison Schoerr, Ellie Hoeger
Greg demonstrates how heavy Babe Ruth's bat actually is. In photo: Allison Schoerr, Ellie Hoeger
Ellie Hoeger poses with Babe Ruth's bat.
Screenshot of data fields entered in PastPerfect by Jennifer Skiba.
Example of the collections worksheet that Rosie Cook and Greg Schwalenberg developed to help with numbering the negatives and easily inputting that data into PastPerfect.
Greg, Rosie and Allison examine a film negative.
Allison (left) and Ellie (right) cleaning the film negatives before rehousing them.
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