If You Give an Archivist a Brand-New Scanner

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Like the children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, the same is true when an Archivist receives a new, fast and wonderful scanner: things will happen. I will admit I was so excited when I saw the box for the new Epson scanner, I couldn’t wait to set it up and start using it. Thankfully, all went according to plan and the scanner was up and ready in no time.

Sidney Lansburgh, Sr. and Marian Epstein Lansburgh taken in Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1917. Gift of Margaret Nomentana, JMM 2014.40.81.33.

It was easy to decide what to do first. Our fantastic volunteer Sylvia Nudler had just finished adding a collection of photographs about the Lansburgh family of Baltimore to our collections database, PastPerfect. This wonderful collection included a large photo album – each photograph had a sticker with a number on it and in the front of the album was a list with information on each photograph in the album. I love identified photographs! What people write on the back is sometimes just as interesting as the front and, although a wonderful image is incredible, being able to relate that image to people adds so much to our knowledge of Maryland Jewish history.

Marian Epstein Lansburgh. Gift of Margaret Nomentana, JMM 2014.40.81.15.

This information on the Lansburgh family comes from our Manuscript Collection, MS 126: The Lansburgh Family Papers.

“Marian Epstein Lansburgh (c. 1891-1977) was the second daughter of Jacob and Lena Weinberg Epstein. She graduated from Girls’ Latin School in Baltimore and attended boarding school in Berlin. As a young woman, Marian studied singing, and she later became an active member and supporter of the Baltimore Music Club, the Baltimore Opera Company, and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Marian was also a benefactor of the Baltimore Museum of Art and contributed to the Associated Jewish Charities and Welfare Fund, Johns Hopkins Hospital, the Park School, Dartmouth College, and the United Fund. She would marry Sidney Lansburgh, Sr. (1878-1958) the son of Max and Rebecca Sonnehill Lansburgh. One year after his marriage to Marian Epstein, he became a partner in his father-in-law’s wholesale business, Baltimore Bargain House. Sidney was the vice-president of the company until 1929, when it merged with Butler Brothers and became the American General Corporation, a company for which Sidney was, at various times, chairman of the board, president, and treasurer. Later in life, Sidney was the chairman of the board for Raleigh Haberdasher, Inc.

Marian Epstein Lansburgh (right) and Hannah Bennett (left), standing in front of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. Gift of Margaret Nomentana, JMM 2014.40.81.42.

Sidney participated in many philanthropic activities in Baltimore. He was a trustee of Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Baltimore Museum of Art, the director of the Baltimore chapter of the American Red Cross, a member of the advisory committee of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, a member of the national executive committee of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, a life member of the boards of the Associated Jewish Charities and Welfare Fund and of the Jewish Children’s Society of Baltimore, a trustee of the Jacob Epstein Foundation, and a chairman of the building committee of the Hebrew Orphans’ Asylum. Sidney was also president of the Associated Jewish Charities from 1933-1935, the organizer and first president of the Jewish Welfare Fund, an organizer and trustee of the Park School, a member of the committee on relief and unemployment for the Baltimore Association of Commerce, a general chairman of a United Jewish Appeal campaign, a co-chairman of the United Palestine Appeal campaign, a co-chairman of the Baltimore Symphony Fund, and a vice-chairman of the Baltimore Red Cross and War Fund Campaign.”

On the beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey. (L to R) Arthur T. Lyon, Elizabeth Lansburgh Lyon, Marian Epstein Lansburgh, Sidney Lansburgh, Sr. who is holding Patricia Lyon in his arms. Gift of Margaret Nomentana, JMM 2014.40.81.86.

The images in this post, and below, are all from the fabulous photo album that I wanted to share, freshly scanned on our brand-new scanner!

Katz family. From left to right: Harriet Katz, Ethel Epstein Katz, Buddy Katz, and Kauffman Katz. Ethel was the older daughter of Jacob and Lena Epstein and was married to A. Ray Katz. Gift of Margaret Nomentana, JMM 2014.40.81.69.
Jacob Epstein holding his infant great-grandson, Kenneth Greif. Gift of Margaret Nomentana, JMM 2014.40.81.72. 

I hope this is labeled correctly because on a personal note, Kenneth Greif was one of my English teachers at the Park School. He was the most wonderful, caring and kind teacher. He taught you to love words and appreciate all types of literature and instilled a confidence in all his students.


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