JMM Insights: Expressions Of Us

This week’s post is from Trillion Attwood, Director of Programs and Visitor Services.

This week we launched a new series of virtual events called Expressions Of Us. Expressions Of Us is a series of presentations, screenings, workshops and more that will celebrate expressions of identity. We will explore how people historically and today, locally and internationally, have expressed their identity, either directly or indirectly, through the work they create. We will hear from those who are creating art today, including literature, fine art and film, and from academics to more broadly understand how Jewish people incorporate the expression of their identity into their work.

Once we have a chance to better understand how professional artists and academics approach this idea, we will offer virtual workshops where you can explore your own creativity. Not only is this a great chance to learn a new crafting skill, perfect for those winter months, but also to creatively think about how you can express different aspects of your own identity through your work.

These sessions will be online and take place both during the day and evening. Plus, you can always access recordings of our presentations, including the opening session that took place this week, Stitching Jewish Lives with Dr. Jodi Eichler-Levine, which you can watch here.

If you know of creatives you think we should feature in this series please let us know. You can reach me at tattwood (at) jewishmuseummd (dot) org.

Unearthing Family Secrets: Author Talk with Judy Bolton-Fasman

Nov 03, 2021, 7PM-8PM ET

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How much do we really know about the lives of our parents and the secrets lodged in their past? Judy Bolton-Fasman’s new memoir Asylum: A Memoir of Family Secrets recounts the search for answers to the mysteries embedded in the lives of her Cuban-born mother, Matilde Alboukrek Bolton, and her elusive, Yale-educated father, K. Harold Bolton. Join Judy as she discusses the book and her quest to understand her family’s identity.

Writing and Jewish Identity with Rachel Zucker 

Nov 11, 2021, 1PM-2PM ET

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Join poet Rachel Zucker as she reads selections from her vast body of work and discusses the ways in which she directly and subtly engages with questions of Jewish identity in her writing. 

Growing Up Jewish  Art And Storytelling with Jacqueline Kott-Wolle

Nov 17, 2021, 7PM-8PM ET

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Growing Up Jewish – Art And Storytelling is a series of 40 contemporary oil paintings and personal narratives exploring one family’s North American brand of Jewish identity and how it evolved over five generations.

Join artist Jacqueline Kott-Wolle for a multi-media presentation about her series and how she engages with questions of Jewish identity in the past, present, and future through her work.

Remembering And Returning To Jewish Texas

Dec 09, 2021, 7PM-8PM ET

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Acclaimed author and essayist David Biespiel will discuss his upbringing in and exodus from Houston’s historically Jewish neighborhood and share passages from his memoir, A Place of Exodus: Home, Memory, and Texas.

I hope to see you online soon. 



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