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This week’s edition of JMM Insights comes from Director of Programs and Visitor Experience, Trillion Attwood.

During the summer, the team at JMM has been busily working on some new initiatives we will be rolling out this fall. You have already heard about our upcoming exhibit, A Fence Around the Torah: Safety and Unsafety in Jewish Life, along with our collecting efforts around the experiences of Jewish Marylanders during the last eighteen months. Today we are pleased to share another initiative.

JMM holds items in our collection that represent much of Jewish history, however we want to do better. This fall, we plan to begin a series of events where we will be reaching out to Jewish communities, large and small, around Maryland. Through JMM on the Virtual Road, we will work with members of these communities to understand the gaps in our collection and how to fill them. We will then invite community members to consider donating photos for a 2022 exhibit of Jewish life in Maryland. Continue reading below to learn more about this new project.

 The above image is a black and white photo of Temple Adas Shalom, Harford County from 1968, JMM 2012.54.177.4

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in participating in one of these sessions, you can register here today. You are welcome to come as an individual or bring a group, for example sisterhood, book-club, or any other group of which you are a member. For more information on bringing a group, please contact Trillion Attwood at . These sessions are totally free to join, however spaces are limited so register early.

When do the sessions start?
The first of our initial five sessions will take place on Tuesday, October 12th at 7pm EDT. Each of these sessions will be roughly the same, so there is no need to register for multiple sessions. However, if you join us for a session and have friends of family who you think would enjoy sharing their own knowledge, please encourage them to register for a later session.

The above image is a black and white photograph of the Levin family vacation on the road to Susquehanna from 1917, JMM 1993.44.35B.1

Do I need to prepare?
There is no need to prepare, just bring yourself and your knowledge of your community of family history. We will ask participants to bring a photo of one of their family members to the session to share with the other participants. If you don’t have any photos, not to worry, it isn’t essential for participation.

What if I am from Baltimore?
If you were born and raised in Baltimore, consider participating in one of our other initiatives such as Preserving the Present. If you have a specific item you would like to donate to our collection, please reach out to Joanna Church at  We will be reaching out to Baltimore residents to request donations for the 2022 exhibit later in the year.

BNHA Annual Meeting – Diversifying Our Cultural Institutions from the Inside Out
Thursday, October 7th at 3:30pm Eastern

Join Baltimore National Heritage Area for a discussion around how our own personal biases can shape the impact of our cultural institutions on the communities they serve.

Register here.

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