JMM Interns take over Washington D.C.

Last Thursday, the 23rd of June, all the interns, plus Rachel Kassman and Elena Rosemond-Hoerr, took a day field trip to Washington D.C! After an early morning start by car and train, we got to D.C. about 10 A.M. and did were released to do some exploring around the Mall. I went with interns Codi and Morgan to the National Museum of the American Indian as well as the National Gallery of Art sculpture garden.

Choctaw Indian Dance outside of the National Museum of the American Indian

Our first major stop and tour of the field trip was at the American Museum of American History. There, we learned the extensive process of making a museum more interactive while teaching the visitors about the exhibit. Overall an informative tour about a possible type of job in a museum.  I also got the chance to see the dress I had been waiting to see for a long time, the one worn by Michelle Obama at the Inauguration Ball of President Obama! No matter your politics it really is a beautiful dress.

The dress and accessories worn by Michelle Obama.

From there we did more exploring and I went with Codi and Morgan to the Rotunda to finally see the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I’m glad I finally was able to see them!

Posing with one of the new Humvees at the Armory.

Our last stop of the day was to the Armory of the National Guard of D.C. We were given a tour by the new curator, Lt. Miranda Summers, of the in-progress National Guard Museum. I definitely feel much more privileged to be working in a well catalogued and organized museum after seeing the collections at the Armory. With the end of the tour we headed home after a full but very informative day. I am greatly appreciative to the internship coordinators for structuring and including field trips such as this one to expand our knowledge about Museum work. I’m excited to see where we go next!


A blog post by summer intern Mary Barthelme.


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