Local Attractions and Restaurants

Looking for a full day of exploration in Baltimore? We’ve got you covered! Visit our friends in the Jonestown neighborhood for more stories about this historic area. Hungry for more than just history? Luckily we’re close to many amazing restaurants, including a 100-year-old deli and Little Italy. Check out our suggestions below when you’re planning your trip.

Due to current health and safety concerns and restrictions in Baltimore City, we strongly encourage you to research and contact sites and restaurants you’re interested in visiting, to ensure that they are open at this time.


Carroll Mansion and Phoenix Shot Tower

Built between 1804 and 1808, the Carroll Manion went through extensive renovations until it was occupied by Charles Carroll, the last living signer of the Declaration of Independence and one of the wealthiest individuals in America. It is his legacy that gave the Carroll Mansion its enduring name. This building’s enduring presence holds the stories of many who passed through Jonestown, be they immigrant families renting out tenement homes, or esteemed guests of Carroll himself.

Built in 1828, the Phoenix Shot Tower was the tallest building in the United States until 1846. It is 215 feet tall and contains an estimated 1.1 million bricks. Annually, 2.5 million pounds of “drop” shot, used for small game hunting, was made in the tower until 1892.

For more information, including visiting hours and admission prices, visit their website here.

Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture

From their website: “The Lewis Museum, the largest African American museum in Maryland, has been the authentic voice of Maryland African American history and culture since it opened in 2005. We tell our story through our permanent collection, special exhibitions, educational programs and public events.”

For more information, including visiting hours and admission prices, visit their website here.

Star-Spangled Banner Flag House

From their website: “At the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House, you’ll find something quite rare. A fun-filled experience where you and your entire family will become part of one of the most important stories of our nation’s history – the sewing of the flag that inspired our National Anthem.

Here, you’ll meet Mary Pickersgill, the spirited woman who made the flag. You’ll learn what life was like in the 19th century and your kids can take part in activities that let them experience it for themselves.”

For more information, including visiting hours and admission prices, visit their website here.

The Museum is also located near the beautiful Baltimore Inner Harbor. For more ideas of what to do, check out the Visit Baltimore website featuring the Inner Harbor.


Attman’s Deli

From their website: “Established in 1915, Attman’s has established its reputation as Baltimore’s leading delicatessen along Corned Beef Row – a unique Baltimore landmark. Today, you will find the same delicious foods, outstanding personnel, and friendly service that has been maintained for over three generations.”

Please note, Attman’s Deli is Jewish-style food, but not kosher. For more information, please visit their website here.

Little Italy

The Museum is within walking distance to many bars, cafes, and restaurants in Little Italy. With so many great places to choose from, you guaranteed to have a great meal! We recommend visiting the Little Italy website which lists many of great places to grab a bite or a drink. See them all here.

Kosher Restaurants

For guests who keep kosher, we have a few local spots to recommend:

The Daily Special offers breakfast and lunch, as well as catering options. To find out more information, visit their Facebook page here.

Me Latte serves breakfast and lunch with a rabbinic kosher certification. To learn more and see their menu, visit their website here.

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