One Night Only!

A behind the scenes look into the planning of Intern Night

Blog post by education intern Erin Penn. To read more posts from JMM interns, past and present, click here.

Seven weeks ago, I and the fellow interns nervously gathered to learn about the weeks ahead. We learned a lot about our upcoming summer: where the fridge was, how to make phone calls out, and what our responsibilities as interns were. In addition to exciting field trips and tasks from our supervisors, the JMM interns were to plan an exciting program all on our own. We were to pick the date, the time, the activity, etc. That was seven weeks ago and now the event is right around the corner.

Over the past weeks, planning intern night has allowed me to be more than just an education and program intern. From phone calls to Facebook “research”, I’ve loved putting my hands in the different parts of this intern extravaganza. Once we decided to host a trivia night, I began researching the dos and donts. With trivia, the questions were meant to be hard but not too hard, easy but not too easy. Trivia needs to be up to Goldilocks standards, just right!

After embracing trivia, I went on a mass search to find and gather the interns of Baltimore. Sara and I, the two education interns, read summer job posting and googled the biggest financial firms in Baltimore. Once we had compiled a list of intern supervisors, we were ready to craft the best email! The email had to be eye catching, brand appropriate, and reach our target market: interns. We played around with formats, debated fonts, and copied various animated pizzas until like Goldilocks our flyer and email was just right!

The flyer we worked on has all the required details and a fun eye-popping font!
The flyer we worked on has all the required details and a fun eye-popping font!

With the word out for event, we had to make sure the event was worthwhile. My fellow interns and I selected local businesses to contact. We tirelessly emailed, called, and visited to get vouchers and gift cards. The prizes were piling up! I’m a little sad to see of them go to our guests; I had my eye on the Charmery gift card. (I love malt chocolate-chip).

The intern night prizes folder is exploding with awesome deals.
The intern night prizes folder is exploding with awesome deals.

Planning intern night from the ground up, allowed us to really have a hand in EVERYTHING! We even got to decorate and design the layout of the space. With our interior decorator hats on, Sara and I thought about the best flow for our guests and how to make the best buffet. Officially all the hard work is done. It was so meaningful to have a direct say in this event and make a program for ourselves. I can’t wait to see the event from the guests’ eyes as they nosh on desserts and solve a tricky riddles.



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