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Dear Educators,

You play a pivotal role in young people’s lives. Your work with youth fosters a love for learning, inspires curiosity, builds empathy, and facilitates the long-term success of your students. During teacher appreciation week we want to pause and thank you for all that you do. JMM’s Director of Education, Ilene, shared a special thanks here.

The month of May is Jewish American Heritage Month and we are here to help you and your students to learn about and celebrate Jewish contributions to American culture, history, innovation, and more.

We want to support the important work that you do in our community. Invite a JMM Educator into your virtual classroom to facilitate a presentation with your students on topics like Jewish immigration to Baltimore.

To book a virtual visit, complete our Virtual Visit Request Form. 

If you have thoughts on more ways we can support you, please reach out at any time!

Online Resources 

American Jewish women matching card game.

Explore this activity package our program team put together that celebrates Jewish American women’s history, featuring stories of women from the 1800s and 1900s.

Image from The Synagogue Speaks, Jewish Museum of Maryland

Explore our online resources on the Education Programs page of our website.

Make sure to check out our recent additions:

The Synagogue Speaks Digital Book 
This original JMM book is a great way to introduce students to Baltimore’s historic Jewish community. Our Introduction to Judaism Educator’s Guide includes an accompanying activity.

The A-Mazing Mendes Cohen
Mendes Cohen was born in Richmond in 1796, moved to Baltimore with his family when he was 12 years old, and died at age 84 in 1879. As students explore this website, they will learn about the world of Mendes Cohen, meet Mendes’ family and join him in many adventures. Educator resources here. 

The Holocaust Memory Project
The 91 stories presented here put human faces on one of the most tragic chapters in modern history, the Holocaust. Each post is dedicated to a single story that has been told through the medium of collage. Educator resources here.

While a space probe may not have a human pilot, it takes a whole team of people to make one!

While a space probe may not have a human pilot, it takes a whole team of people to make one! This Wondernauts activity of building a space probe is a great one to share with families looking for something to do together.

Looking for other hands-on activities related to space? Check out our Wondernauts website.

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