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Earlier this month we served as a site for a mini-mission of The Associated dedicated to building a deeper understanding of downtown Baltimore and its resources.  One of the activities we planned for our visitors was a version of “The Dating Game”.  It’s not what you’re thinking.  There were no eligible bachelors or bachelorettes on stage – our “Dating Game” had real dates!  From the days before the Lloyd Street Synagogue to the UMBC coach who recently placed his team in a national championship, our quiz covered two centuries of Maryland Jewish history as represented in the artifacts and records of the Jewish Museum of Maryland.

I thought it might be fun to give all of you a chance to play…to see how your scores match up with some of the brightest minds in Jewish social services.  I am supplying twelve questions to test your metal (six toss up questions with an accompanying image and a follow up question for each).

Here are some special rules for the online version of the game:

1) Time yourself – you have twelve minutes to answer twelve questions

2) No googling, binging or similar shortcuts – it’s all too easy if you can look up the answer

3) Give yourself credit if you come within 2 years of a date

The answer key will appear in the next blog post.


3 or less, you need a visit to the Jewish Museum of Maryland

4-7, good job, reward yourself with a visit to the Jewish Museum of Maryland

8-10, you’re a maven, we need you as a volunteer at the Jewish Museum of Maryland

11+, The Associated staff will be recruiting you as a “ringer” for their teams next year

Object 1
Object 1

Q1:  What is this?

Follow-up:  This object belonged to the Shomrei Mishmeres Congregation the most recent religious organization to utilize the Lloyd Street Synagogue.  In what year does this congregation move into the building?

Object 2

Q2: In the years before Microsoft Word, people used devices like this to prepare documents.  This one is unusual in that it could print letters in two languages, what two languages?

Follow-up:  When was this manufactured?

Object 3
Object 3

Q3:  What was this object used for? (Hint – it’s something that was once used in food preparation on Lombard Street, but you would be surprised to see it used on a public street today)

Follow-up:  Speaking of Baltimore foodways, the Museum holds several bottles and cans from the Jewish-owned beer brand, National Bohemian.  When was the Baltimore icon “Natty Boh” first introduced to the public?

Object 4
Object 4

Q4:  If you type the words “tie pin” in JMM’s database, this is what will pop up.  Too big to be a pin on a tie, it’s actually a pin on a military cap.  What do the letters RF stand for?

Follow-up:  In what year did this military unit recruit in Baltimore?

Object 5
Object 5

Q5:  This guide book (also in our holdings) was prepared for the delegates to the last major party political convention to be held in Baltimore.  In what year was the convention held?

Follow-up:  Who was nominated at this convention?

Object 6
Object 6

Q6:  This object belonged to Baltimore adventurer Mendes Cohen, one of six Jewish defenders of Fort McHenry.  What is it?

Follow-up:  Mendes Cohen attended Queen Victoria’s coronation (his costume may have been more colorful than hers).  In what year did this happen?

And just one more rule:  Have Fun!

ETA: Check out the answers HERE.

MarvinA blog post by Executive Director Marvin Pinkert. For more posts from Marvin, click here.

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