The White Gloves Gang is Coming!

A blog post by Senior Collections Manager, Jobi Zink

The White Gloves Gang is coming to Baltimore on October 12—and they are looking for more gang members!


Check out the recruitment flyer

What is the White Gloves Gang? No, its not a bunch of waiters or caterers (although that would be a good guess since a) they wear white gloves and b) we’ve been talking a lot about food with our upcoming Chosen Food exhibition.) And no, its not a bunch of fastidious maids coming to see how well you’ve dusted your credenza (although this guess is a little closer to the real answer).

Taking the name from the distinguished (okay, distinguishing!) cotton garment routinely worn when handling art and artifacts, the White Gloves Gang comprises registrars, collections managers, archivists, conservators and Museum Studies students who come together at the end of the Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums (MAAM) conference for a one-day service project.

A registrar’s favorite accessory!

Since the MAAM conference is in Baltimore this year from October 9-12,  I am coordinating all of the Gang’s activities! I’ve scouted out a number of museums and talked with their staff. Almost every museum had a collections project that needed many hands to tackle. The trick is finding a project (or 2) that 4+ people can work on and complete in one day.  The gang will be helping at the following venues: Sports Legends Museum, Fells Point Preservation Society, National Electronics Museum and the Historical Society of Baltimore County  to number artifacts, conduct inventory, catalog books, shift boxes, folder archives and photograph objects.

 Past Gangs working on White Gloves projects

If you have object numbering, archival processing, photography, or database skills and you’ve ever wanted to work in a museum for a day (or a different museum from the one that currently employs you!), please join the gang! Registration at the MAAM conference is not required to join the gang. Contact Jobi Zink for more information.

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