We Count: A Suggested Reading List

We Count: Why Numbers Matter in Our Communities

Baltimore 2020 Jewish Community Study by Boxer, Brookner, et. al.

Counting Inconsistencies, An Analysis of American Jewish Population Studies, with a Focus on Jews of Color, by Kelman, Tapper, et. al.

Jews of Color and who counts in the Jewish community,” by Ilana Kaufman and Ari Kelman in The Times of Israel, 5/21/2019

“Counting Jews of Color: Are we asking the right questions?” by Ari Y. Kelman, in The Jewish News of Northern California, 5/21/2020

“How Many Jews of Color Are There?” by I. M. Sheskin and A. Dashefsky, in eJewish Philanthropy, 5/27/2020

“Jews of Color Deserve Teshuva” by Yoshi Silverstein, in eJewish Philanthropy, 6/19/2020

Judaisms: A Twenty-First Century Introductions to Jews and Jewish Identities, by Aaron J. Hahn Tapper, University of California Press (2016)

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