A Mystery Visitor in LSS

Yesterday, as I was giving a tour in Lloyd Street Synagogue to a group from Yeshivat Rambam, I was briefly interrupted by an uninvited guest – a bird had made its way into the synagogue! All the third graders started giggling as the bird flew across the women’s balcony. When we later hosted a group from the National Foundation for Jewish Culture in the afternoon, the bird was back, pecking at the top of one of our two chandeliers. Was there a tasty bug hidden up there perhaps? Being late in the day, a new issue dawned on me… How were we going to alarm the building? Thanks to our collection manager Jobi’s logical thinking, I tried calling animal control but unfortunately, didn’t get very far. I was redirected to the USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services for Maryland, but they were closed for the evening. So the building was locked up and left. This morning, I received a call back from Wildlife Services, only to learn that we’d have to contact a private company. Oy. People have been working in the building all day, so I’m hoping the bird flew back out. We’ve talked to the alarm company, who will alert us if the motion sensors go off tonight. So we’ll see if our bird buddy is gone or made itself a roost!


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In Jewish lore are art the bird is often symbolic of the human soul. Perhaps one of the synagogue's former congregants was back to visit…and critique the restoration work!

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