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Sukkot is a weeklong Jewish holiday that begins five days after Yom Kippur. This year, it takes place from September 20th until September 27th. Sukkot commemorates the wanderings of the Israelites in the desert. The holiday gets its name from the word sukkah, which is a temporary hut-like structure that represents the structures the Israelites lived in during their 40 years in the desert. During Sukkot, Jewish people build and decorate a sukkah that they spend time in. According to Jewish Law, a sukkah’s walls can be made from any material, but its roof should be made of something that grew from the ground such as branches. Additionally, there should not be anything, such as trees or canopies, blocking the roof of the sukkah from the open sky.

In addition to building and dwelling in the sukkah, waving the lulav and etrog is another tradition associated with the holiday. The lulav is a bouquet made of palm, myrtle, and willow branches and the etrog is a fruit that’s similar to a lemon. There is a special ritual attached to this tradition with blessings that are recited. You can learn more about this ritual here.

Sukkot is one of the happiest holidays of the Jewish year. It’s a time for rejoicing and celebrating with festive food, music, and traditions. Additionally, the holiday is associated with hospitality, and it is customary to welcome guests into one’s sukkah.  

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Edible Sukkah

Create a version of a sukkah that you can eat!

Supplies Needed:

· Paper plate

· Frosting

· Graham Crackers

· Pretzel Sticks 

· Gummies, candy, cereal, or jelly beans

· Parsley

Etrog Box

Supplies Needed:

· Cardboard box, gift box, or clean food container

· Craft supplies

Welcoming Guests

Create mats or signs to welcome visitors into your sukkah or home.

Supplies Needed:

· Paper or cardboard

· Sharpies or markers

· Additional craft supplies

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