A Fence Around The Torah: Safety And Unsafety In Jewish Life

A Fence Around The Torah: Safety And Unsafety In Jewish Life


Dec 05 2021 - Feb 11 2022
, 12PM- 4PM

Over the winter the Jewish Museum of Maryland will host a new exhibit called A Fence Around the Torah: Safety and Unsafety in Jewish Life. Through a combination of video, sculpture, painting, textile, poetry and more, this multi-media installation will explore the concept of safety and how physical and emotional danger has been experienced by marginalized community members and neighbors within and in proximity to Jewish institutional spaces.  

Works include personal reflections on queer life and Judaism, racial justice in Jewish spaces, cultural loss and reclamation, political dialogues and dissent, mythological narratives around unsafety and dreams for inclusion and solidarity coming from within Jewish institutions and the organized Jewish community.  

As part of this project, the JMM’s fall conversation series invites participants to reflect on safety and exclusion within their own communities and discuss how to carry these conversations outward. Learn more here.

The exhibit is curated by Liora Ostroff, JMM’s Curator-in-Residence. Read more about Liora’s vision for the exhibit here.

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