Celebrating Sadie J. Crockin

Celebrating Sadie J. Crockin


Oct 21 2020
, 7PM- 8PM

Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 7:00 pm EST

Speaker: Sally Grant

Baltimore’s Sadie Crockin (1880 – 1965) was a leader, a community organizer, an activist, a mother, a wife, and perhaps above all an inspiration – a true Upstander. In this special virtual program, hear from Sally Grant, great-granddaughter-in-law of Sadie Crockin for an insight unlike any other, to this amazing and inspiring woman.

A natural orator, Crockin embraced her abilities as a public speaker to fight for the causes in which she passionately believed. From her part in the fight for women’s votes, to aiding in the growth of Hadassah, encouraging voter education and supporting Maryland’s immigrant community, Crockin left behind a legacy of women inspired to take up their cause.

Presented in partnership with the Maryland Women’s Heritage Center.

This program is a companion to the current JMM lobby exhibit Sadie J. Crockin: In Her Hand, on display through November 1, 2020.

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