DIY Jewish Folk Art Workshop: Papercuts

DIY Jewish Folk Art Workshop: Papercuts


Feb 02 2022
, 7:30PM- 8:30PM

Led by JMM Community Artist in Residence, Naomi Weintraub

Join us for an online interactive art workshop about the Jewish folk art of papercuts as part of our Expressions Of Us series!

Discover the history of papercuts in Jewish culture across regions and times. Plus we will guide you through making your own papercuts, referencing traditional Jewish folk art iconography and motifs.

Naomi Rose Weintraub (they/them) is a mixed-media artist, based in Baltimore, MD. Naomi uses embroidery, quilting, printmaking, drawing, animations, and installation work to explore themes of Jewish ritual, activism, and play. Naomi is currently working as the Community Artist in Residence at the Jewish Museum of Maryland in Baltimore, MD.

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