Global Jewish Concert

Global Jewish Concert


Sep 19 2021
, 1PM- 2:30PM

Recorded on September 19, 2021; Recording included below.

Links and Resources shared during the program:

You can view recordings of past programs on our website here.

You can learn more about the pieces Dr. Manasseh performed here.

You can learn more about Rivers of Babylon on their website here.

You can watch the Rivers of Babylon performance of the song, Tal’a min bet abuha here.

You can explore more from Neta here.

You can explore more from Amit here.

This summer, JMM has been pleased to present a series of programs highlighting Jewish life around the world, from India, to Cuba, to Argentina, and more.

We are excited to close this series with a virtual concert featuring musicians from around the world who will perform music from their respective communities as we celebrate Jewish heritage around the globe.

This program will also stream live on our Facebook page here.

About the Performers:

Dr. Sara Manasseh is an ethnomusicologist and performer of the music traditions of the Jews of Iraq. Her family, originally from Baghdad, settled in Bombay during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Dr. Manasseh is the founding director of the ensemble, Rivers of Babylon (London, 1999), performing Judeo-Arabic songs of the Iraqi Jews, middle eastern instrumentals, songs in the Bene Israel tradition and vintage Bollywood songs.

In the UK, Sara Manasseh began a teaching career in music. She was Head of Music at London Comprehensive schools for several years, and following a master’s degree in ethnomusicology, was appointed Senior Lecturer in Music at Kingston University, Surrey. She has also lectured in Jewish Music at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies).

Sara Manasseh’s publications include articles, the book, Shbahoth – Songs of Praise in the Babylonian Jewish Tradition: From Baghdad to Bombay and London (2012, Ashgate) with accompanying CD: More Precious than Pearls; CDs of remastered historical 78rpms: Shbahoth from the 1920s (2003), an anthology of the greatest Iraqi Jewish singers; Shir Hodu: Jewish song from Bombay of the ’30s (2009),featuring Jewish singers and instrumentalists from the Baghdad and Bene Israel traditions in Bombay. Her most recent publication is ‘Music traditions in the Baghdadi Jewish communities of Bombay and Poona: continuity, new horizons’, in The Baghdadi Jews in India: Maintaining Communities, Negotiating Identities and Creating Super-diversity (2019, Routledge, ed. Shalva Weil).

The artists Neta Elkayam and Amit Hai Cohen have in recent years appeared on the biggest stages between Jerusalem and Morocco. They are an intimate duo that performs arrangements of pieces from recent projects and share the experiences behind the film In Your Eyes, I See My Country, in which the Moroccan filmmaker Kamal Hachkar recorded their musical and personal journey in Morocco since their early days.

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