A Good and Meaningful World

A blog post by Development Coordinator Amy Smith

This week staff members met with Executive Director Avi Decter and Assistant Director Deborah Cardin for our 2012 staff evaluations.  These evaluations provided a useful opportunity to reflect upon our accomplishments over the past year as well as our contributions to the Museum and the community.

As I think about my goals for 2012, both professional and personal, one recent change comes to mind.   Last week, I joined a Baltimore based non-profit organization called A Good and Meaningful World.  The goal of this Jewish outreach initiative is for members to serve the community by performing an act of goodness each day for four weeks.  Members of A Good and Meaningful World post their random act of kindness on a Facebook group, which serves to inspire other members to continue doing good.  And, through the use of social media, the group is able to reach members all around the world.

Every member is provided with an agoodandmeaningful.com blue bracelet that reminds us to do an Act of Goodness each day.

For more information, please visit A Good and Meaningful World website at http:///agoodandmeaningfulworld.com/ or email agoodandmeaningfulworld@gmail.com.

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