Esthers Place Re-Opens – Pop-up Style!

A blog post by Chris Sniezek, Manager (Esther’s Place).  To read more posts from Chris, click here.

Hello everyone, this is Shop Manager Chris again with today’s latest blog post. As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the JMM is opening in a tentative phase II reopening and as long as Maryland stays at its current (though we hope decreasing!) numbers of infections, we hope to remain open! Our doors are open and I am composing this blog post from the familiarity of my desk which, while not as comfy as my bed or couch, is a much welcomed relief. We hope to start welcoming visitors through our doors once again, but we need everyone’s help if we want to keep welcoming everyone’s smiling faces.

First off, all visitors we are requesting make ticket reservations. You can find the reservations here.

This is so we don’t overwhelm our capacity and ensure our staff members are safe. For the time being, we have also altered the days and hours we are open so when reserving a ticket, make sure you check which day you would like to arrive and at what time. Each day has two reserved time slots, 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm, so also check to make sure you pick a time you’d like to arrive! If you decide to visit us on a whim, we highly encourage you to reserve online since that will speed up the process for you greatly, but you may also call our ticketing number: 443-873-5179, and leave a message if we don’t pick up. Please leave a name, number, and desired date and time if you are leaving a message and we will try and get back to you ASAP!

This brings me to a second point. We want to see everyone’s smiling faces, but we also want to see you smiling only through your eyes.

You know, how when someone is happy their eyes show it? We want to see your eyes smiling and ask all visitors to cover their face with a mask. This helps keep others and us staff safe. Don’t have a mask or don’t like the pattern you have? Well no worries because we have new custom JMM bandanas that can be used as masks instead.

These are free upon request so just let us know!

If you’re looking for something specific to purchase from the store, I suggest checking out the Jewish Museum store website because you might find what you’re looking for on there. If not, you can contact me directly either by phone (443-873-5171) or via email ( My preferred contact is email since I respond quicker to that, but do feel free to call. The shop offers mailing and curbside pickup services. If you are looking to shop the pop-up store, please call ahead and you will have fifteen (15) minutes to browse the pop-up shop without a ticket to see the rest of the museum.

We are limiting the time guests can enter the building because between each timeslot, we are disinfecting and cleaning museum surfaces and touch points. We are trying as best as possible to keep each other safe and we know you are too. That’s why we appreciate your patience and thank you in advance for following the rules we have laid out!

On the shop front, there have been some changes.

As I already noted, we have created a pop-up shop in lieu of keeping the main shop open because Esther’s place is a little too cozy for social distancing protocols. Instead, a sizable representation of all we offer has been hand curated to fill the pop-up shop now in the main lobby of the JMM. There are all the new products, such as the Jewish penicillin mugs and the Emilie Shapiro jewelry, as well as some of the classics like hamsas, dreidels, and books. Of course, if there are any items you’d like to purchase that you don’t see out please feel free to ask if we have them in the actual store.


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