In the spirit of the day…

A blog post by Genealogist and Family Historian Deb Weiner.

When I signed up to do an October 31 blog post, I wasn’t thinking “Halloween,” I was thinking “push this task off to the very last day of the month.” But here it is, Halloween, and the irrelevance of the holiday to the Jewish tradition has not stopped me from feeling obligated to offer a Halloween-inspired blog post. Fortunately, I have a backlog ofBaltimoreJewish cemetery photos taken on my research trips for family history clients, so I have something suitably morbid to share.


Thought I’d start out with the most appropriate image (actually this photo is courtesy of Kevin Grace).

A spooky day at Rosedale cemetery.



A war story.



A love story.


Some names you might find familiar.



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There is a Jewush Cemetery on German Hill Road in Dundalk,MD. It is surrounded by a red brick wall and has an arch way with an iron gate at the entrance of this cemetery. The problem is this cemetery is filled with trash solid waste, and is used as a sort of garbage dump by some people. The walls act as a shield for these things to happen since it conceals all that is transpiring behind them. Now, the walls to this cemetery are buckling and getting ready to fall on to German Hill Riad. Which shul owns this place to allow this ruin to take place ? A cemetery in Judaism is such holy place. Who can we as a community to allow this to happen?

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