JMM Insights: A Letter from the Director

Image of a white man (JMM Executive DIrector Sol davis) standing in front of a wooden slat wall.

I am delighted to begin my work as executive director of the Jewish Museum of Maryland. I enter the position with tremendous gratitude for the work of my predecessor Marvin Pinkert whose work is a source of inspiration. Marvin and I have worked closely on this transition for several months to ensure that the Museum moves from strength to strength.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the talented staff at JMM and excited to work alongside the strong leadership of the JMM board of directors and our partners at The Associated. I look forward to meeting our volunteers and museum members as I get to know the community here in Baltimore.

My practice is rooted in the model of the participatory museum, a museum that actively invites the community to become involved in its public facing work as well as its inner workings. Participatory museums prioritize partnerships with other organizations, are actively involved in the neighborhoods where they are located, and invite the individuals and communities whose histories they represent to be involved in the development of programs and exhibits. I am excited to continue to deepen the work of JMM in our community with you as partners through this participatory framework.

I am eager to meet as many people as I can. I want to hear your thoughts and aspirations for JMM, the Jewish community, and arts and culture in Baltimore. In order to encourage open dialogue between us, I will be holding open Office Hours on Thursdays from 1:00-2:00.You can sign up for a meeting with me here. The meetings will be held on Zoom until it is safe for us to have in-person meetings.

There are countless stories to tell about Baltimore’s Jewish past, and the Museum is a platform for their telling. The Museum does not only look to the past, it is also a space to enrich our present and envision the Jewish future.

The museum plays an important role in the public sphere. It is a bridge between academia and the community and a place for us to make meaning together. The museum is a trusted place of truth-telling and reflection, a fundamental institution within the landscape of our fragile democracy. I look forward to nurturing JMM as a vital space of togetherness, creativity, and care with all of you.

In community,

Sol Davis, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Pronouns: he/him/his
Jewish Museum of Maryland


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I was not able to bring up June or beyond to schedule a meeting, but
would like to. I would be representing two groups, Jewish Genealogy Society of Md. and Baltimore Jewish Cultural Chavurah. Thanks.

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