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In honor of our Jewish Museums Across the Seas program series, this month’s JMM Insights are travel-themed!

This past Sunday we enjoyed Jewish Journeys: A History of Migration, a truly excellent program with engagement officer Emma Crew of the Jewish Museum London. While we won’t be able to make a recording of this program available, you do have a second chance to see it if you’re willing to get up a little (ok, a lot) early on Thursday, August 20th!

Emma’s program inspired us to take a look in our own collections for London-related material. Turns out, we have quite a few souvenir images from Jewish Baltimoreans visiting our neighbors across the pond.

Here’s a pair of St. Paul’s pigeon photos – on the left, Lester Levy during his honeymoon with Elenor Kohn Levy, Dec. 1922. JMM 2002.79.988, on the right, a photo taken during a Friedenwald family trip in 1927. JMM 1984.23.829.
Harry Greenstein sightseeing in London, England, July 16, 1936 on his first trip abroad. Harry Greenstein Collection, 1971.20.52.
A gentleman after our own hearts – Reuben Kramer’s admission ticket for the Reading Room of the British Museum, London, issued from June 3, 1937 to Jan. 3, 1938. JMM 1994.89.60.
Rosalyn M. Shecter standing next to a guard at Buckingham Palace in London, 1949. Louis E. Shecter Collection, JMM 1982.15.25.
Souvenir London postcard sent from Anna to Mr. and Mrs. MJ Feldman, 22 Murray Avenue, Annapolis, MD, 1957. Eric Goldstein Research Papers, JMM 2001.113.103.

After this bit of British site-seeing, we figured, why not check out South Africa in preparation for this Sunday’s program, South African Jewry: Before, During, After with Gavin Morris of the South African Jewish Museum. While our findings are not quite as tourist-centric, we do have a couple relevant collections items!

The Harrison family business in Durban or Capetown, South Africa, c.1880-1900. The Harrison’s sent this photo to relatives living in Baltimore. JMM 1991.36.2.
Rabbi Joseph Hertz, standing, looking to the left, with his hands in his pockets, June 23, 1899 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Rabbi Benjamin Szold Papers, JMM 1992.242.6.47b. Rabbi Hertz wrote a series of letters to Baltimore’s Henrietta Szold – you can read the American Jewish Archives, Nov. 1986 article “Rabbi Joseph Hertz to Henrietta Szold: letters from South Africa” here.

Oh, and make sure to mark your calendar (and register) for Calling Australia Home with Jessica Bram and Eleni Papavasilieou of the Jewish Museum of Australia on Thursday, August 27th at 7:00pm.

Elsie Mae Cohen (in uniform) with koalas in Australia, 1943. JMM 1995.157.16.


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