Revisiting the 175th Anniversary of the Lloyd Street Synagogue

During the last year, like many the work I do for the JMM has evolved, our move to presenting our programs online has come with some huge positive changes.  We are now able to welcome speakers from across the globe, and work with more partners than ever before. Perhaps most important however is that we are now able to record almost all our public events. From lectures to community readings, discussions and performances, our website is now filled with great presentations that can be enjoyed at any time HERE –

It is perhaps possible that there is almost a little too much, so with this blog I wanted to share just the presentation that have been part of the 175th anniversary year of the Lloyd Street Synagogue. Delivered over the course of several months these recordings take a deeper look at the Synagogue and its place within Jonestown, Maryland and US history.

We started the year with a look at the entire history of the Synagogue, welcoming members of the community to share a variety of perspectives of the important of the building. For this opening session we were especially pleased to welcome both Dr. Jonathan Sarna or Brandeis University and Sheilah Kast of WYPR.

The Many Lives of Lloyd Street: A Synagogue Celebrates 175 Years

The next presentation, delivered by Marvin Pinkert, explored the debate about slavery that took place within the Baltimore Jewish community just prior to the Civil War.

Illowy vs. Einhorn

One part of the synagogue that I always find to be especially interesting is the historic Mikvah, though it was only with this presentation developed by Wendy Davis, the JMM volunteer coordinator, that I really understood its full importance.

Diving Into History: The Historic Mikva’ot of the Lloyd Street Synagogue

The final program in the series with Dr. Mark Bauman, took a much wider lens and explored the position of the Lloyd Street Synagogue within the growth of the reform movement. This presentation really helps us to understand the importance of the Synagogue on a national level.

Reform Judaism in Baltimore and Charleston: At the Forefront of Modernity and Change

We hope to see you at one of our virtual programs soon and hope you find a recording to enjoy in the meantime.

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