Saul Bernstein Returns

A blog post by Assistant Director Deborah Cardin.

On March 15, the JMM re-launched our Leo V. Berger Immigrant’s Trunk program with a special program to honor our program benefactors, Harry and John Kassap and the Leo V. Berger Fund; to pay tribute to actor Tim King, who originated the role of Saul Bernstein in 2002 and who, sadly, passed away last spring; and to introduce actor D. Grant Cloyd, our new Saul. From the photos below, you can see that the program was a smashing success!

Actor Tim King originated the role of Saul Berstein in 2002 and was instrumental in the program’s inception and development. Tim touched the lives of everyone who saw him perform and inspired them to connect Saul’s story to their own personal narrative.  This photo of Tim King performing as Saul Bernstein demonstrates his talent in connecting with audiences of all backgrounds.

Thanks to our wonderful exhibition and collections staff, we were able to exhibit samples of Saul’s artwork from our collections. Visitors loved having the opportunity to see his work and to discover what a talented artist he was.

The JMM’s Immigrant’s Trunk living history performances have been generously supported since 2004 by the Leo V. Berger Fund. We are most grateful to Harry and John Kassap for their continued generosity that has allowed us to grow and expand this program to reach new and diverse audiences year after year.

Actor Grant Cloyd delivered a wonderful performance as Saul.

Audience members enjoyed examining the photos that Grant passed around during the performance of Saul at various times in his life.

I love this photo of Saul Bernstein. He had it taken just as he made the decision to leave his position as a partner in a dry goods store inWest Virginiato enroll at the Maryland Institute of Art.

We were delighted to host members of Saul’s family, including grandson Peter and great-grandson Connor. Peter delighted us by sharing family stories.

To learn more about the Leo V. Berger Immigrant’s Trunk or to schedule a performance, please contact Elena Rosemond-Hoerr at (410) 732-6400 x229 /



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