A Dive Into Our Collections for Father’s Day

What a perfect object to start our dive into the collections for Father’s Day! Museum purchase, JMM 1996.64.2.

Once again, Director of Collections and Exhibits Joanna Church went searching through the collections for the perfect Father’s Day photos (with additionally commentary by me, Rachel) to help us celebrate all the dads in our lives (this Sunday, June 21st!). To read more posts from Joanna, click here.

Dr. Harry Friedenwald with his children Jonas and Julia on the beach at Atlantic City, c. 1910. Gift of Julia Friedenwald Strauss Potts, JMM 1984.23.783.

The above is one of Joanna’s two favorites from the collection and I can see why. How many of us have fond vacation memories of our fathers, particularly at the beach? Plus, this year, Father’s Day falls on the first official weekend of summer!

Though they may be a little more bundled up, the father-and-son duo in the photo below seem equally joyful in each other’s presence.

Rabbi Abraham Shusterman with his son David, ca. 1945. Gift of Har Sinai Congregation, JMM 2012.108.331.

And how can you not love this father-daughter duo, taken 26 years apart?

Morris Rosenfeld with his daughter Edith, 1919 and 1945! Gift of Edith R. Shapiro, JMM 2003.17.20, .38. (You can also see Edith and her mother Minnie in 1945 in the center image here.)

Below you’ll find a fine selection of dads from our collections!

Har Sinai Brotherhood’s Father & Son Dinner, 1942. Gift of Har Sinai Congregation, JMM 2012.108.56.
Whether formally posed or casually mugging for the camera, these turn-of-the-century fathers show off their children with pride!

(left) Sam Blacher with his children Robert, Louis, and Rose, ca. 1903. Gift of Steven Blacher, JMM 2008.118.25.

(center) Henry Weinberg with his children Ruth and Martin, 1905. Gift of Isaac Kinek, JMM 1990.50.27.

(right) Samuel de la Viez, a widower, with his children Esther, Rose, Hirsh, Lee, and Oscar, 1906. Gift of Margit Weisgal, JMM 2019.12.1.

Who doesn’t love dads and babies?

(left) Ferdinand Lobe with his daughter Klare, 1907. Gift of Marjorie Scott, JMM 2002.45.14.

(center) Jacob Simon with his daughter Rita, Braddock Heights, 1929. Gift of Rita Simon Gordon, JMM 2007.53.14.

(right) Leonard Weinberg with his son James Henry, 1915. Gift of Jan L. Weinberg, JMM 1996.127.23.69.

3 different generations of fathers, from the 1910s to the 1970s! I bet their dad jokes weren’t that different though.

(left) Rabbi David Goldstein with his son Ari, 1974. Gift of Mannes F. Greenberg, JMM 1994.112.6.4.

(center) David N. Bacharach with his daughter Ruth, circa 1910. Gift of Calla Bacharach, JMM 2019.10.3.

(right) Avrum Rifman with his son Mel, 1946. Gift of Ruth Rifman, JMM 1996.108.16. (You can also see Avrum with his mother Bessie in 1926 in the right-hand image here.)

I was just also tickled by this photo of Nathan London with his son Isaac, c. 1905 – there’s just something about their parallel poses in those long overcoats that I find delightful! Gift of George London, JMM 2001.109.2.


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