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Over the last year, I’ve been pleased to see museums continue to offer public programs even when gathering in person has not been possible. With the shift to digital, there have also been opportunities to reach new audiences and bring in new speakers.

At the JMM, we’ve leaned into this expanded geographic reach. From our Museums Across the Seas programs last summer to our current programs exploring global Jewish life, we’ve offered a variety of events focused on highlighting diverse experiences of Jewish life from around the world.  

I hope you will take a journey back in time and across the globe as we revisit our past programs on the theme of global Jewish life. The recordings of these past programs are included below for your viewing pleasure, and I hope you will return to old favorites and watch the ones you may have missed live.

Make sure to check out our exhibits and events page for the latest updates on upcoming programs exploring this theme.

Museums Across the Seas

Museums Across the Seas

Last summer, we hosted a series of programs with Jewish museums in Australia, England, and South Africa. Presenters shared the history of Jewish life in their communities and highlighted important objects and stories from their respective collections.

Learn about the Jewish community in South Africa with this presentation by Gavin Morris, Executive Director of the South African Jewish Museum.

Then travel to Australia and uncover historic and contemporary stories of Jewish excellence and everydayness with Jessica Bram, Director and CEO of the Jewish Museum of Australia and Eleni Papavasilieou, Senior Curator & Collections Manager of the Museum.

Finally return from your journey and revisit the history of Baltimore’s Jewish community with a presentation from Marvin Pinkert. You may be surprised what new stories you discover in the presentation.

Note: We were unable to record and make available the presentation with the Jewish Museum London.

Global Jewish Life

Celebrating Global Jewish Life

Last April, we launched a series of author talks, presentations, and films exploring the theme of global Jewish life.

We began the series with a multi-media presentation led by Jael Silliman on the history of the Jewish communities in India. Jael shared her personal family’s story and highlights from the archive she developed, Recalling Jewish Calcutta.

Next, we travelled to Cuba with Ruth Behar. Ruth shared her family’s story growing up on the island and how that inspired her new book, Letters from Cuba.

We then made our way to Tunisia by hosting a presentation with Jacqueline Semha Gmach who traced her story from growing up in Tunisia, the land of the bomboloni, to immigrating to the United States, the land of the bagel.

In August, we travelled to South America and learned about Argentina, which has the largest Jewish population of the continent, from Dr. Adriana Brodsky and heard from Marjorie Agosin about her family’s experiences in Valparaiso in Chile.

Also in August, we hosted a panel discussion that explored the vast history of Jewish life in Turkey and a presentation about the Jewish communities in Egypt.

I have enjoyed hearing all these speakers’ unique stories and learning about Jewish communities I was less familiar with. I hope these programs resonate with you as well, and that you join us for the remaining programs in the series.

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