A Peek at Some Glass Plate Negatives

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In December 2018, a box of approximately 60 glass plate negatives was donated to the Museum. The negatives had been found by the donor after the death of a family member and dated to c.1910-1920. The images, most likely taken by David N. Bacharach, were of his family, wife Irene and children Ruth and N. Albert, and possibly of his younger children, David Jr., Carl W. and Robert, as well as the interior and exterior of their home.

David Bacharach owned Bacharach-Rasin Co. a sporting goods store located at 14 N. Howard Street and Bacharach-Rasin Firework  Co.(pictured above, JMM 1990.2.65.) It is interesting to note that Mr. Bacharach does not appear to be related to David Bachrach, a well know Baltimore, Jewish photographer.

I have already spoken of my fancy new scanner, which brings me great joy, and this was a wonderful chance to put it to use. In the past, we haven’t been able to scan any large format negatives and add the images to our digital collection and online catalog without sending them to an outside processer, so getting to process the images myself was exciting.

David N. Bacharach Sr., JMM 2019.10.

There are a lot of steps to safely digitizing the photos in this antique format. Each plate was slowly removed from the wax paper holder it had been stored in, then I carefully brushed off the dust on the side, taking great pains to not touch the image. Then I took note of the condition and amount of deterioration/flaking visible on each image. Finally, I gently placed each plate on the scanner and waited to see what the image actually looked like.

We believe this is Irene Bacharach and her only daughter Ruth. JMM 2019.10.

Although we are still researching the history of the images and hope to find more information, these blog posts give me the chance to share new donations to the collection with our readers! But if you do happen to have any information on David N. Bacharach and his family, please email me!

Selected, unidentified photos , JMM 2019.10.

For more information on glass plate negatives, please click here!


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Hello. The people in these photos are my grandparents, David and Irene Bacharach and my aunt Ruth. Ruth was born in 1906, so I imagine these pictures date from about 1910. I would be very interested in seeing the remaining negatives and would be willing to pay to have them scanned. I live in Baltimore and work about 3 blocks fom the museum.

Please let me know who I can contact at the museum to discuss this further. My cell is 443-802-8728 and e-mail is cbacaharach@gfrlaw.com

Thank you.

Charles Bacharach

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