“Handsome Improvement” – The Baltimore Sun, 1853

Handsome Improvement

The Hebrew Synagogue, situated on Lloyd street, is now undergoing very general improvements, which, when completed, will greatly beautify the house, and advance the conveniences of worship. A new roof of slate has been put on by William Bayley, whilst the entire building, inside and out, has been finely painted by Job Wilks. The ceiling has been frescoed in a modest yet very becoming style of work, and the aisles laid with superior Brussells [sic] carpeting.

Not the least attractive feature is the redecoration of the Tabernacle, which contains the ten commandments. The upholstery work was done in a superior manner by Messrs. Holland & Bro. whilst the curtain, of rich scarlet velvet, is elaborately embroidered by Mr. John H. Wilson, of the Temperance Temple, in solid gold characters, and is an admirable specimen of work. It presents in Hebrew characters the following words: “Presented by the Hebrew Ladies of the Lloyd Street Synagogue to the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation.”

Immediately above the Tabernacle is a superb circular window, filled with stained glass, and executed by Messrs. Jemhardt. The various rosettes form a brilliant star of many colors, which enliven the interior admirably.

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